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Spiral into Chaos
Author: E.C. Land






They say death has our lives flashing before our eyes. Well, then, whoever said that was obviously high off their rockers. All I can feel laying here on the cold ground is the pain radiating through my body.

“Demi, don’t you fuckin’ die on me.” Bane’s voice fills my ears, but it’s slightly muffled by all the other noise resounding around us.

I try to focus on Bane’s voice and the fact he’s right here.


Next to me.

But why?

He’s made it known I’m not for him. Actually, he’s stated this on many occasions since the two of us met.

I guess you can say I’m not the easiest person to deal with. However, having him right next to me is nice. The reason is, I’m in love with the man. Even if he’s a man-whore. Bane can’t keep his dick in his pants for more than five seconds when a woman—I mean skank—walks past him flipping her skirt up.

“Damnit, Demi, look at me.” There he goes again with bossing me around.

Blinking slowly, I meet his gaze, and I’m surprised by the fear shining through. I feel a part of me tugging at the sight. Maybe he’s just upset because his verbal punching bag is dying. The two of us are always at each other’s throats. But what do you expect? I’m one of three children of Rodric Kesson, a Scottish arms dealer. Rodric isn’t a man to be trifled with, and that’s the way he raised his kids. Liam, my older brother, he’ll be taking over for our dad when he finally retires, though I feel sorry for him because the old man won’t leave him alone to run his business until he dies. Emery, my sister and best friend, is like me. Ballsy and ferocious.

Ironically enough, ten years ago, she’d been shot and nearly died because of some weirdo who had an obsession with her. If not for dad taking action, she nor my nephew would be here now. Yeah, this meant he faked her death and lied to Scorch, Emery’s husband. He thought she’d died and became the man he is today.

It took a while for Emery to heal up and the two of us together became known as the Seer and Fate taking on those who were killing innocents. By doing this led us to now and being back here.

Scorch and Emery are happy together. She deserves it and more.

Me, on the other hand, yeah, I’m good. Especially considering the man I want doesn’t want me.

Closing my eyes, I think back to the first night of the few I shared with Bane.



“That’s it, Duchess, come for me,” Bane commands gruffly without losing momentum. He thrusts deep, hitting my g-spot every time.

Screaming my release, I dig my nails into Bane’s shoulders, and he growls, joining me over the edge. It’s our third time tonight, and I’m finding he’s insatiable. Works for me because I love sex. Everything about it. I could probably go again and not be upset about it.

“Damn Demi, that was good,” he states, withdrawing his cock and rolling to his back.

“You’re not too bad yourself,” I giggle, snuggling into him.

“Appreciate the fuck, babe, but time to go find your own bed,” he says before I can get fully settled against him.

His words are like a splash of cold water on my face.

Did he really just say—

“Yeah, you’re right,” I mutter, clambering out of bed, snatching one of his shirts off the floor and donning it. It’s not like he didn’t rip my top when he took it off me. The asshole shredded it. He can’t complain about me stealing his shirt.

“Wanna do it again? Let me know,” he says, climbing out of bed, not worrying about shielding himself from my sight.

My gaze narrows on him, and I shake my head. “Thanks, but no thanks. I don’t need a simple wham-bam-thank you-ma’am fuck. If I want to fuck anyone, I’ll call Mitch. At least he can go all night.”

With my words, I storm out of his room and head to my own. Why I’m staying at the clubhouse is beyond me. More than that, why did I mention Mitch. Sure, we’ve hooked up a bit, but we both know the deal. It’s always been strictly about fucking for us.

I don’t need a man to kick me out of a bed once he’s done with me.



“Demi, swear to fuck you better hang on,” Bane snarls, brushing my hair back from my face.

Unable to stop myself, I look directly into his eyes and allow myself this one moment. “Just know I love you.” It hurts to speak, but I have to say it. My eyes grow heavier, and I’m doing the best I can to hang on, but I’m failing at doing so. “Goodbye, Bane,” I whisper and allow death to consume me.







Two Days Ago . . .



Staring at the insufferable woman who consumes my every damn thought, I’m contemplating either throttling her or throwing her over my shoulder. Every time I see her, she’s either in jeans that are like a second skin and tank top or running shorts and a sports bra.

All of my brothers have enjoyed the constant show of skin she flashes whenever she’s around. I bet they’re all wanting the same thing I do. Demi’s pussy wrapped around my cock. Shit, I’d even settle for her mouth. At least then there’s no way she can use that fucking sarcastic mouth of hers for anything other than sucking me off.

Right now, I’m watching as she struts across the main room of the clubhouse, coming in from one of her runs, sweat beading along her chest.

Damnit, why the hell am I drawn to her? I don’t want to be. There’s plenty of pussy for me to not worry about hers.

Shooting a glare in her direction, I take a sip of my beer and switch the direction of my attention.

“What’s got you in a foul mood?” Frost asks as he and Pyro sit in two of the three empty chairs at my table.

“Yeah, you look like you’re ready to commit murder,” Pyro snorts. “Granted, I’m not gonna protest if that’s what you wanna do, but I gotta say, VP, you might want to think about who it is you’re gonna take out.”

Smirking, I shake my head. Pyro is one crazy fucker but a damn good brother to have at your back. He’s also the Sergeant at Arms for the club, while his brother—blood brother—is our Enforcer. Giving them a shrug, I retort, “Not wanting to do shit to anyone.”

“Really?” Frost chuckles. “The way you’re staring daggers into Demi’s head, why don’t you just fuck her and get it over with?”

If it were only that simple. I’ve been inside her pussy a handful of times and know what it feels like, and like an addict wanting his next fix, I’m feening for another taste. But I’m not going there. She pisses me the hell off way too much to go there. Each time I’ve fucked her, I’ve said I’m not going there again, but it seems when it comes to her, I can’t keep from spiraling down that rabbit hole. Especially after the first time I fucked her, she all but told me she’d go to someone else if she needs to get off. I’d made it a mission to be that person. I wasn’t about to let her go to her little fuck buddy, Mitch. Then again, what the fuck do I care.

She ain’t mine, and I sure as fuck didn’t want her to be.

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