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Single Girl Rules #BananaParty
Author: Ivy Smoak


Single Girl Rule #2

Girls’ night is every Friday. No exceptions.



Chapter 1 - My Lesser Half

Friday, Sept 13, 2013

“What am I going to do?” I asked. “I’ve been hyping up girls’ night all week. And I promised Ash that it’s going to be the best night of her life. But there’s nothing to do here in Newark.”

Teddybear stopped loofahing my thigh and looked up at me. “Permission to speak?”

I loved having my sexy bodyguard as my man servant. On any other occasion I would have made him stay silent while bathing me, but desperate times called for desperate measures. “Permission granted. But don’t stop scrubbing. I’m very dirty.” I winked at him.

He dropped his gaze back to my thigh. “How could you possibly be short on ideas for an epic girls’ night? For the past two years you snuck away from us every chance you got. Can’t you just replicate whatever you were doing those nights?”

“You want me to invite Chad to come visit from Harvard? I doubt Ash would want to spend our first girls’ night being the third wheel to me and my boyfriend. And anyway - that would violate Single Girl Rule #15: No inviting guys to girls’ night…unless they’re strippers.”

“I wasn’t talking about Chad.” He looked pissed that I’d even mentioned my lesser half. “I was talking about when you’d party with your friends. Other thigh, please.”

I turned and put my other leg up on the little bench on the shower wall. “I don’t know if that’s a good idea. Those girls never liked me very much. I haven’t heard from a single one of them since the day I left New York.”

“Did you ever apologize for flashing all their boyfriends?”

“Why would I apologize for that? I was just trying to cheer them up. And anyway, who said you could talk?” I grabbed his head and pushed it between my thighs. That should shut him up.

He placed a few soft kisses against my clit as his strong hands ran up my thighs. He pushed them further apart. The force of it pushed my back up against the cold shower tiles.

“Oh God,” I muttered.

He’d only been bathing me for a week, but he’d already learned what I liked.

I liked when he touched my thighs.

I liked that thing he did with his tongue.

And most of all, I liked when he took what he wanted.

This was his reward for a job well done. And I wanted him to enjoy it as much as I did. After all…it would have been insulting if he was naked in the shower with me and didn’t want to fuck me.

I grabbed a fistful of his hair to make sure he wouldn’t leave. But it wasn’t necessary. He was going to keep devouring my pussy until I came. And then he was going to bend me over and fuck me senseless.

Ah, how I love my mornings. This was my favorite part of the day. Which got me thinking…

“Maybe this is what I should do for girls’ night!”

Teddybear stopped and looked up at me.

“Don’t stop. I’m just thinking out loud.” I pushed his head back down. “We could do a spa night. And you and Ghost could be the spa attendants. And since you two will definitely end up stripping off your cute little spa uniforms, it wouldn’t even violate rule #15.”

Teddybear moved his tongue faster. Was that his way of endorsing my idea?

“You’re so bad,” I said. “Are you hoping I’ll let you fuck my bestie?”

He shook his head and his nose brushed against my clit.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned. “Yes. Just like that.”

“Chastity?” said a familiar voice. A boy’s voice. Chad’s voice.

“Chad?” I called back. “Is that you?” What the fuck is he doing here?! He was supposed to be at Harvard.

“Yup! Surprise!” He paused. “Hey, when I came in here it sounded like you were talking to someone. Are you not alone in there?”

“Nope. I’m with…a friend.” Shit!

“Oooh.” Chad sounded excited. “How about I come join you?”

I laughed. “But we’re naked.”

“I don’t mind.”

“Yeah,” I said. “But my friend does. How about you go wait by my room?”

“I’d rather come join.”

Damn it! I should have known that telling him I was with a friend wouldn’t get him to go away. He’d been begging me for a threesome all summer. But there was no way he was ready for that. He could barely please me, much less me and a friend. How embarrassing would that be for me if he couldn’t get my friend off?

Teddybear, on the other hand…he could definitely handle a threesome.

Maybe he’d get one tonight.

Would Ash like that? I wasn’t sure. But I had all day to figure it out.

“We’re actually all done.” As much as I hated to make Teddybear stop, I couldn’t let him continue. Because I would definitely scream when I came. And then Chad would try to break in. And then they’d fight and it would be a whole thing. So I reluctantly pushed Teddybear’s head back and pressed my finger to my lips. “Stay here until we’re gone,” I whispered. Then I grabbed my towel off the back of the door and slid out.

Chad was waiting in the bathroom with a big grin on his face.

“Come with me.” I grabbed his hand and pulled him back to my dorm room.

Ash was off at her 8 a.m. class, so Chad and I had the room all to ourselves. Well…almost.

Ghost was waiting in the room with a delicious stack of banana pancakes, fresh from a local diner.

He bowed and handed me my utensils.

“Thank you, Ghostie,” I said. “You’re dismissed.” I booped him on the nose and he walked out the door.

“Wow,” said Chad. “You’ve really got Ghost trained well. I do not remember him being that agreeable.”

“He and I came to an understanding. Anyway…what brings you here?”


Of course. I couldn’t help but smile. “Missed me?”

“So much.”

“Or did you just miss these?” I lowered my towel just enough for him to see my tits.

His eyes got a little bigger. “You know I missed those too.”

I pulled my towel back up. “How’s Harvard?”

“Amazing. My roommate is the son of a senator. And the guy down the hall drives a Lambo around campus. They think they have an in for some of the final clubs. Those are like the better, cooler Harvard versions of fraternities. And they’re super secretive.”

I stared at him. Did he think I was dumb or something? I knew what final clubs were. But it didn’t hurt to stroke his ego a little. “Oooh. Secret clubs? Maybe I’ll come visit when you get in and we can go to some secret parties. Want some pancakes?” I gestured to the plate that Ghost had left for me. I didn’t really want to share, but it was only polite.

“I ate on the way here.” He eyed me skeptically.

“Suit yourself.” I stuffed a bite into my mouth. “Mmm. Delicious, pankcakey goodness.”

“I thought you didn’t eat carbs.”

“That was the old me. The me before I broadened my horizons at this lovely institution. Now I have a theory that bread and meat go straight to my tits. What do you think?” I lowered my towel for him again.

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