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Fake It 'Til You Break It(5)
Author: Meagan Brandy

“What are you doing here?”

My mom gasps, a legit, mortified gasp for once, officially snapping out of her stupor. “Demi!” she scolds, apology in her tone – how dare her daughter not use her manners.

Cue eye roll.

“What?” I say innocently, annoyed that he showed up on the rare occasion that my mom is actually home. “He can’t be here, you’re leaving.”

“Oh.” My mom dismisses, flicking her wrist. “Don’t be silly. Your friends are always welcome, you know this. Besides, I’m sure I have nothing to worry about.”

Her digs are always coated in sugar, served with a bitchy smile, and left up to interpretation – is she saying he’s out of my league or I’m far from his?

The way her eyes continue to study him suggests she’s undecided, though I’m sure Nico isn’t coming to the same conclusion.

It’s funny, for someone who pushes me to be the best at everything and make the highest grade, you’d think it was because she wanted a big bright future for me so I’d never be in the position she was when my dad left her, when really it’s all about the bragging rights that come with the scholarly daughter she’s after.

I swear she’d marry me to the highest bidder with the prettiest face if she could.

“Nico, wow. It’s been some time.” She tilts her head slightly, taking him in more and I want to shake her. “You’re... all grown up.”

Oh my fucking god!

My eyes slice to hers.

I can’t even look at him.

“It has,” he agrees, his stare burning into my cheek.

“Well, it’s... very good to see you, and here, but if I don’t run, I’ll be late,” she announces, her eyes raking over Nico once more, before moving to me.

She gives me a bright smile, reaching out to give my arm a small squeeze that can only be taken as a good job.

I bite into my cheek as she squares her shoulders and moves down the driveway to her car, one foot in front of the other like she’s on a runway.

I force my expression to remain natural when really her boldness was so embarrassing, I’d rather slam the door in Nico’s face then stand here and make eye contact with him after that.

I take a small step back, glancing to the side to find the girls tiptoeing toward the slider, all three being assholes, mock sucking dick or flicking their tongues between their fingers as they disappear from sight altogether.


“Not gonna invite me in?”

Nico’s jeering tone has my eyes flying back to him.

His though, they aren’t on mine.

They’re on my bare legs, and instantly my mom’s comment – which I’m pretty sure he heard – takes over my thoughts, and I can’t help but wonder what he’s thinking.

It’s not like I can’t hang in a bikini with the best of them. I’m tall with a narrow waist, wide hips, and legs for days. It just so happens I have more muscles in my thighs and calves than most.

Still, there’s something nerve-wracking about standing in nothing but a string bikini in front of a guy who has probably seen more naked chicks than Ironman pre-Pepper.

Whatever, I’ve danced in front of hundreds in outfits just as revealing.

Finally, his eyes come to mine and he tips his chin the slightest bit.

“Guys aren’t allowed in when my mom’s gone.”

“Not the vibe I got.”

He’s obviously trying to piss me off, but I don’t say anything.

Nico gauges me a minute before taking a step back. “Right, well, I’d hate to get the duchess in trouble, so let’s make this quick, yeah? I—”

“Can you just go?” I cut him off, irritated not only at my mom but at him now, too, for mocking me. “We can talk about whatever it is you need in class tomorrow.”

He looks off in the distance, licking his lips before his eyes slowly move back to mine.

“Does that work?”

He gives a slow nod but doesn’t move.

After a few seconds of staring, a deep chuckle leaves him. “You have a good night, huh, D?”

He takes a few backward steps before shaking his head and finally walking away.

I close the door, letting out a deep breath. “Well, that sucked,” I huff, then remember my asshole friends are outside and head their way.

I don’t even get to speak before Krista shouts a loud, “Boo! We were hoping we were about to hear sounds coming from upstairs!”

“You guys are assholes.” I pretend I’m walking toward the lounger, but quickly stop and shove Macy, who only had her legs hanging over the edge, into the pool.

She pops up, gaping at me a second before she laughs. “I took that towel quick, huh?”

“You suck.” I laugh, dropping beside Carley.

“Oh, please. You should thank me.”

“For?” My hands plant on my hips.

“Because, now every time in chem, when he thinks about being an ass, he’ll instead be thinking about dat ass.”

I frown, but it quickly turns into a laugh when the girls start to crack up.

We lay out as long as the sun allows, and not an hour later, they’re piling in Krista’s car.

“Demi, is that your phone?” Krista shouts out the window.

I frown, my eyes moving to the hood of my car, where she’s pointing.

I walk toward it, noting my glittery PopSocket on the back right away.

What the hell?

Slowly, I pick it up, glancing around, but then it hits.


My shoulders fall, and I look to the girls.

“No.” Carley gapes. “That’s why he came over?”


“I must have left it in class and he picked it up for me.” I groan. “I was an asshole.”

“It’s fine.” Krista rolls her eyes. “He’s an asshole, too.”

A laugh bubbles out of me and she grins.

“Just, thank him tomorrow or something,” Carley tells me.

“Or now, whatever works.” Macy’s brows bounce.

I ignore her and head back inside, locking the door behind me.

I take the stairs two at a time, irritated at myself for being rude when I had no reason other than I was embarrassed by my mom’s words and actions.

Fully annoyed with everything, I do my homework, take a shower, and go to bed.


My eyes peel open to find my room pitch black, nothing but the moonlight shining through the window.

I lean over the edge of the bed, snagging my phone off the carpet to check the time.

It’s just after midnight, when I’d normally be falling asleep.

I drop back, but as soon as I hit the pillow, my body flies forward, my head snapping toward the window.

Is that... moaning?

I concentrate, the splash of water against concrete mixing with the proof of someone’s pleasure hitting my ears.

Slowly, I pull myself from bed and take the few steps forward until I’m peeking out my blinds.

It takes a second, but the soft laughter pulls my eyes over my fence and right where the noises are coming from – the hot tub connected to the neighbor’s pool behind me. Nico’s pool.

A small gasp leaves me, and I dart away from the window.

He’s not...

No. My eyes are playing tricks.

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