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Bridge of Love
Author: Nana Malone


Chapter One




I knew she was trouble the moment I saw her.

Emma Varma.

I would know that ass anywhere. The real question was, what was she doing here on campus? And how hadn't she been seen already?

Under any circumstances, a girl like Emma was going to get noticed. All that raven dark hair, silky and hanging to the middle of her back. Cinnamon skin. As much as Eton liked to purport that they accepted many underprivileged boys, there was a distinct lack of diversity. Brown skin, great ass, and long flowing hair combined to scream girl on campus. Usually that meant the vultures should have been circling, so how had no one seen her?

She was scurrying around the corner from Toby’s room. Had she come to see him? Was something wrong with Pamma Auntie?

There was a small part of me that wished she was coming to see me.

Ha. A small part? Is that part me… your dick?

Toby Varma was one of my best mates. I'd known Emma since Toby and I started at Eton a few years ago. When I met her, she'd been knobby kneed with a dirt smudged face and very annoying.

Well, she was still very annoying.

I glanced over my shoulder to see that no one else had seemed to notice her, so I followed her down the back stairwell that led down to one of two study rooms. One of them, I will admit, had a secret entrance. It was one that we seniors tended to use to sneak out to go drink or head out to a party. How did Emma know about it?

I glanced down at my watch. It was four-thirty. The study rooms wouldn't be busy. There might be one or two people studying, but they might not see her.

I had to run to keep up. I checked the first study room, the small one, but she wasn’t there. And then in the second, I saw her as she hit a hidden book, pulling it free and sending the shelves of books swinging.

Jesus Christ, she was a disaster everywhere she went.

I followed her quickly, glancing behind me and making sure no one was following us. Where are you going, Ems? I followed her into the passage where darkness hit me hard, and I had to let my eyes adjust. At the other end, I saw the light of the swinging door that led outside to the grounds. From there would be the path down to the teacher's parking lot. Below that would be the student parking lot, though it was nearly impossible to get a parking space at this time of day. On the left, there was a covered path to the equestrian arena and one to the boathouse used by the rowing team.

I followed her down the path to the boathouse and then caught up to her easily.

I knew I shouldn't scare her. But she was running around fucking Eton by herself. No escort. Wearing tight jeans and a crop top, and she was going to get in a lot of trouble, not to mention the trouble Toby could get into. Not that what she was wearing should garner any unwanted attention. She could and should wear what she wanted.

I also knew arseholes. Eton was full of them. Hell, most of them had never even seen a real live girl they weren’t related to. Someone would fucking lose their shit and report her, say something shitty to her, or worse.

The idea of any of those things happening to her had my teeth grinding and my hands curling into fists.

I would end anybody who said anything to her. If anyone touched her… fuck. They would wish I killed them.

My oh-so-helpful brain replayed an image of the last time I’d lost control. The incident that had landed me at Eton as my last chance, according to the old man. Before I’d come here, I was one of those East End hooligans people saw on the news.

I never hurt anyone really, but I was in trouble a lot. Vandalism mostly. Mostly bored kid shite. Mum was working all the time to try and get the restaurant going. And I was perpetually angry at the old man I knew existed for never helping her.

Add to that I was shit bored at school and it was a recipe for disaster. It was a wonder I wasn’t in jail or dead.

At any rate, this idiot bloke had tried to hurt one of my mates back home. Sweetest girl you’d ever met. Really shy. The fucker had pulled her around by her hair during an argument. So naturally, I’d called him out on his bullshit and the bloody geezer came at me with a knife.

He’d ended up on the wrong end of his own knife that night. It wasn’t fatal or anything. I’d even applied pressure to his shoulder wound while holding him down so my mate could shave his head.

Okay, maybe that was a smidge too far. Point was, I wasn’t going to tolerate any verbal or physical harm coming to Emma.

She was my best mate’s little sister and deserved respect.

Right... and that’s the only reason?

"Now where do you think you're going?"

She whirled around, ready to scream. But I pulled her against me and clamped a hand over her mouth. "Be quiet, Emma."

At first her eyes were wide and fearful, and she struggled. But when she saw it was me, her brows furrowed and dropped down. I could feel her teeth starting to graze the flesh of my palm. "Do not bite."

She blinked rapidly. Then her eyes seemed to be smiling at me, and I knew I was in trouble. As if sensing what she was going to do, my body moved automatically, one leg bending and crossing over my body to protect my balls. Emma hit the outside of my thigh, and then her teeth clamped down on my flesh.

I muttered a curse. "I fucking told you to shut up. Hold still. It’s just me. Are you trying to get caught?"

That seemed to get her attention, and she relaxed and stilled.

"What are you doing here, Emma?"

She shoved at my chest, and I had no choice but to release her. "Well, if you would fucking leave me be, I could go find him."

"Are you looking for Toby?"

She rolled her eyes. "No, I was here to seduce you."

That rasp in her voice and the way her gaze landed over me with just a hint of derision drove me insane. I wasn't sure why, because fucking hell, there were a million girls I could have, a million of them who clearly wanted me.

But Emma. Fucking Emma. Every time I was near her, it was like someone set my body on fire, making my skin too warm, too tight, too itchy. I usually avoided touching her at all cost. But I had made a rookie mistake, and now my body tingled as I faced off against her.

"You turn up dressed like that on an all-boys campus and think no one is going to notice?"

"What was I supposed to do?"

"Well, if you are trying to sneak around campus, you should have hidden your hair with a hat and actually put on a uniform. Not that that would have done much to hide your ass, but it would have been less conspicuous. But instead, you went around in those tight jeans and crop top, giving the boys no choice but to stare at it as it hugs your tits. Now, I recognize that’s not your intention and that there’s nothing wrong with the way you’re dressed. But you have to take into consideration that A, this is an all-boys campus with a lot of lads who haven't seen a girl in a long time, and B, they have no idea what to do with one, and C, they can't help but to objectify girls. And still, you're running around here as if none of that matters? That's not how life works, Ems."

She scowled then. What the fuck had I said wrong this time?

"I don't need a big brother. I have one. One who has abandoned me for the holiday. Where is he?"

I blinked. Toby had abandoned her? No fucking way. He and his family were close, like my mom and me.

“If you’d been caught in our room, we’d both have been expelled.”

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