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A Heart So Wild (Atlanta Siege Hockey Romance #1)(3)
Author: Raine Thomas

“Really?” At Callan’s nod, Christian’s eyebrows lifted. “Huh. Who knew? I always took him for an even bigger player than you.”

Callan grinned. “No such thing, my friend.”

They kept up the small talk through their first round of drinks, then got their second round and started making their way around the club. The women were plentiful, offering them plenty of visual interest. Callan and Christian paused at a few tables to make small talk with some of the women, but moved on when things didn’t click.

“Anyone in particular catching your eye?” Callan subtly asked Christian as they passed another table filled with laughing, attractive women.

Christian made a sound somewhere between a sigh and a groan. “I don’t know, man. They’re all starting to look alike to me. Don’t you find this exhausting?”

Callan shook his head. There was nothing about the club scene that bored him.

Nightscape exuded sexuality. It was filled with women of all shapes, sizes, colors, and states of dress. Any one of them might be the one Christian connected with, and Callan wanted to find her for him.

He was a natural wingman. He enjoyed scouting for women who conveyed interest in being approached. He looked forward to making small talk with them, getting to know them and gauging their level of interest in his companion. If those women were there with friends, he was equally enthused about occupying them so Christian could take the lead with the one who interested him.

Being a wingman was an artform, and Callan prided himself on being a virtuoso at it.

“If you’re not feeling a draw to anyone,” he told his friend, “let’s just find a couple of ladies and see how things go. There’s no rush.”

Christian made a resigned sound this time. “Fine. Who?”

Just then, Callan’s gaze lifted. And he saw her.

She stood near the bar in a small group, but he registered only her. His first thought was she had been made for this moonlit setting. Her dark, lustrous hair spilled over her shoulders and halfway down her back in soft curls. Her skin looked luminous against the club’s dark backdrop. The pinhole lights sparkled off her white, long-sleeved mini dress, making it glimmer like it had been dipped in ice crystals. Her long, spectacular legs ended in silver stiletto heels that likely added four inches to her already impressive height.

And she had curves for days.

As though sensing him watching her, she looked right at him. His breath caught as their eyes met. For an instant, he was lost in a sea of azure blue. Nothing else existed.

Her red lips rose in a sultry smile before she turned back to the group beside her. The loss of her attention brought Callan’s surroundings back into focus in a snap. The music once again pulsed around him. The movement of bodies on the dance floor shifted, disrupting his view of the bar. His lungs finally freed themselves.

Christian leaned closer as though trying to figure out where Callan was staring. When he figured it out, he observed, “They’re already with those two guys.”

Callan shook his head as though waking from a trance. What the hell?

Christian’s comment had him more closely observing the group with the mystery woman as they came back into view across the dance floor. To her right was a blonde female whose face was just beyond Callen’s line of sight. She had an appealing profile, though. She was at least six inches shorter than her companion and was much more animated, waving the hand that wasn’t holding a drink as she spoke with one of the two men standing with them.

The guy the shorter female was talking to was an inch or two shorter than Callan’s mystery woman. The second was about her height. Both of the men had the look of office drones out celebrating casual Friday a day early. They were dressed similarly in jeans and untucked button-down collared shirts, their hair laden with so much styling gel that Callan saw it from across the room.

He took a few minutes to observe the group as he finished his drink. It didn’t take him long to realize something that made him smile.

His mystery woman was winging for her friend.

He saw it in how she continually redirected attention to her friend. If there was a lull in the conversation, she said something to get things moving again. She was studying her friend and watching for cues to decide whether she should extricate them or make an effort to give her friend some privacy with one of the men.

But she was breaking one of the cardinal rules of winging, Callan thought: never outshine the person you’re winging for.

“What about that group?” Christian asked, pointing to the table of women who had been watching them since they stopped walking around the room.

Callan looked from the table back to his mystery woman. She turned and once again met his gaze. Her head moved the slightest bit to her left.

His smile spread. He gave her an equally subtle nod.

“Nah,” he told Christian. “Follow me, my friend. We’re both about to get lucky.”



Chapter Two


If this guy makes one more comic book reference, we’re out.

The thought ran through Roxy’s mind even as she smiled and nodded at another inane comment made by Bob the project manager originally from Tulsa who collected—ding, ding, ding!—comic books. The tedious conversation wouldn’t be so hard to handle if Allison was genuinely interested in Bob’s friend and coworker, Stan. After all, it was Roxy’s job as Allison’s wingwoman to keep a potential hookup’s friends entertained. But Allison seemed to be making desperate stabs at keeping the conversation going. She had even starting gesturing as she talked.

Not a good sign.

This was the complete opposite of their goal for the evening. Roxy was intent on finding Allison the perfect guy for a night of hot, mind-blowing sex. Allison had complained about her current sexual dry spell and Roxy had been trying to think of a (cheap) way to thank her friend for all the help she’d given Roxy as she worked on getting her real estate career off the ground. This was the obvious solution.

“I’m not going clubbing with you on a Thursday night,” Allison had argued when Roxy suggested it. “I’ve got a big presentation to prepare for, remember?”

They were in the middle of stapling Roxy’s crisp new business cards to printouts of several listings she would be showing over the weekend. The market was heating up now that schools had let out for the summer and families were making their moves before the new school year started. Roxy had paused to point her stapler at Allison.

“You’ve been thoroughly prepared for that presentation for over a week. Just picture how much better it’s going to be when you’re not so stressed thanks to a night of multiple orgasms.”

Allison appeared to give that some thought. Then she shook her head and returned to her stapling.


“Sure, you can. I’d take you out tomorrow, but I’ve got showings all weekend.”

Allison shrugged. “Maybe next weekend then.”

“Allie, I’m in real estate now and it’s officially summer. You can pretty much expect my weekends to go to my clients.”

“I don’t know…”

“Come on,” Roxy coaxed, sensing victory. “You’ve done so much for me lately. You’ve gotten me ready to take the real estate world by storm. I never could’ve done it all on my own. I had no idea how many admin and marketing tasks were involved in selling homes.”

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