Merry MVP by Haven Hadley



It was finally here.The day I said ‘I do’ to the man I loved more than anyone else. The man who turned my world completely upside down when he came into my life with his injured shoulder.

We’d been planning this wedding for a while. Well, along with our wedding planner, Julia. Every tiny detail was well orchestrated. And it was Christmas Eve. I couldn’t think of a more magical time to get married.

As I looked out the window of the room I was in at The Espen Club, I couldn’t help but smile. We were on the city outskirts, far enough away where the hustle and bustle of everything wasn’t in the backdrop. Instead, there were tall pine trees surrounding the main building. Farther out was a large golf course. I noticed a light dusting of snow on the ground and on the branches of the trees. I was sure once the sun was higher in the sky the snow would melt.

A knock on the door pulled me from my thoughts. I opened it, revealing my dad on the other side. He’d flown in yesterday from Hawaii. His skin was sun kissed and he was wearing a pair of dark jeans and a white button-down shirt. His dirty blond hair, the same color as my own, was neatly combed back and his short beard trimmed. The man aged well. I was grateful to have his genes.

He sat in the chair by the window and shifted a few times in his seat before he seemed to be comfortable.

“What’s going on?” I asked and sat opposite him. We had almost the whole club at our disposal today. That was what happened when you booked it well in advance and Kasper Warnes-Wilder and Tim Deary were two of the wealthiest members. “You can’t have cold feet, Dad. You’re not the one getting married.”

He pulled at the crotch of his pants. “I miss my shorts.”

I chuckled. “You’ll be back under the warm, Hawaiian sun soon enough.” Dad was staying in the city for two weeks. He figured, while he was here, he could catch up with his associates. While he did technically, finally, fully retire, the law firm was still his and he liked to keep his finger on the pulse of it.

“I don’t miss this cold. You, on the other hand… Are you sure you don’t want to honeymoon in Hawaii?” It wasn’t the first time he asked. I knew he missed me as much as I did him, but my honeymoon with Callen wouldn’t be spent near my dad.

“While I love you, you know we already have our honeymoon booked.” Callen and I were heading overseas to tour Europe for a few weeks. I’d never been there before and longed to see the history, art, and architecture. To try the food and spend some quality time with Callen.

“I regret not taking you abroad as a child. It wasn’t for lack of money.”

Leaning forward, I placed my hand on his and gave it a gentle squeeze. “You were busy running your firm. I didn’t need fancy trips. I only needed you.” I didn’t have to bring up Mom to know we both missed her, especially today.

His eyes shimmered in the sunlight coming through the window. “I’m so proud of you, Spencer. Of the business you built, the life you lead, the man you’ve become.”

Now it was my turn to get a little misty. “Thanks, Dad.”

“So…” He pulled his hand back then clapped, no doubt a subject change was about to happen. “Everything’s ready? No last-minute details you have to handle?”

“Nope. Everything’s good, and if it isn’t, I have no doubt Kasper is out there taking care of it.”

“He’s a good man to have on your side.”

“They all are.” I was very fortunate to have a great group of friends. But Kasper and Evan, they were my best friends, well, beside Callen.

When I asked Evan to be my best man, I thought he was going to faint on the spot. Like I would have asked anyone else. It was a good thing Vander was there to hold him up. Once the shock wore off, Ev flung himself into my arms and started rattling on and on about my bachelor party. If I was honest with myself, I had been dreading it. With Ev, anything was possible.

Last Friday, he picked Callen and me up at home in a limo. Ev had a crown on and a vibrant purple sash that said Best Bitch. When I asked where his scepter was, he told me he left it in the limo. I thought he was joking until I saw the thing lying on the seat beside Vander.

For a moment, I was relieved I didn’t have to wear something similar. That changed when we boarded Kasper’s private plane. Waiting on the seat for me was a groom-to-be shirt, a crown slightly bigger than Ev’s, and a bow tie. Because why not. Callen was spared. I grumbled about that the whole flight.

I had no idea we’d be flying anywhere, but Callen knew and kept it from me. He packed my bag, made sure everything was taken care of at my practice. Us along with Ev, Vander, Kas, Marcus, Brett, and Dominic flew to the Florida Keys for the weekend. We weren’t a bunch of guys who loved to party, even if Dominic did, but ended up getting blissfully drunk our first night there while we relaxed on the beach outside the huge house they rented.

There were no strippers or any other bachelor party cliches. But that didn’t stop Ev from ripping off his clothes and skinny-dipping in the ocean in front of us all. Vander was right behind him, yelling about how he couldn’t resist that ass.

It was one of the best weekends I’d ever had. Those men meant so much to me. And to have a bachelor weekend away with them, and the man I loved, I couldn’t have asked for more.

“Any wedding day jitters?” Dad asked. It seemed I was easily lost in my thoughts today.

“A little but only in the sense that I don’t want to trip as I walk to Callen or say the wrong thing or do something stupid in front of everyone.”

Dad laughed. “You’re not a klutz. I’m not sure why you’d think any of that would happen.”

“Who the hell knows? Haven’t you ever seen those funny wedding videos where crazy shit happens, and it ends up all over the internet?”

“I have but one, none of your friends would post something like that for the world to see. And two, today is going to be perfect, even if you trip and fall flat on your face.”

“Thanks for that.” I rolled my eyes. Seriously, what a way to make me feel better.

“It’s going to be great. I’m certain of it.”

A knock on the door was immediately followed by, “You better not be doing something indecent in there! If you are, keep doing it. I’m coming in to watch!” The door flew open revealing Evan on the other side. “Dammit. Nothing fun going on in here.” He stepped into the room and kicked the door closed behind him. “That’s okay. I’m here now.” He grinned.

“What are you wearing?” I asked.

Ev glanced down at his tight, bright red jeans. His long-sleeved shirt was a shimmery gold fabric that sparkled every time he moved. “This is my pre-wedding outfit. I wasn’t about to lounge around here in sweatpants before the wedding. It’s time for festive Evan to come out again.”

I glanced down, looking at the sweatpants on my legs. “I’m comfortable.”

“Of course, you are. I wouldn’t expect you not to be. You’re getting married today. You can wear whatever the fuck you want.” He turned to my dad and offered him a smile. “I’d apologize for cursing, but Spence swears as much as I do, and I know he got it from you.”

“Very true,” Dad responded with a chuckle.

Ev came over and sat down on my lap. He dropped his cheek to the top of my head as his arm rested over my shoulders. “How are you doing, Spence? Ready to marry that sexy man of yours?”

I hugged Ev back. He was such an amazing person. Had been there for me every time I needed him. “Yeah. I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for this day.”

“Just four more hours and you’ll be wed.”

“What about you?” I poked his ribs with my finger. “When’s Vander going to put a ring on your finger?”

“While I would look amazing with a band full of diamonds on my hand, we’re not in any rush. We’re fully committed to one another and love our life together. No need to run down to the courthouse.”

Marriage didn’t mean happily ever after to everyone. Ev was one of them. He didn’t need a piece of paper to tell him who he was destined to be with. His forever was Vander.

“What about you, Mr. M?” Ev asked my dad. “Any hot women catch your eye on the island?”

Dad put his hands up. “No you don’t. Leave me out of this.” Ev knew as well as I did that Dad was happy with his life as it was. My mom was his great love and while I hoped one day he’d find someone to spend time with, I understood him staying single as well. Callen was my big love, too.

“I’m jealous of your tan.”

“You’re more than welcome to visit any time you want, Evan. You and Vander. I have plenty of space.”

“You’re very kind. I might have to take you up on that.”

I didn’t think Dad had a clue of what he was getting into inviting Vander and Ev to his place. His walls weren’t soundproof. Those two were not quiet when they were together. I knew that firsthand from the bachelor party weekend.

Leaning my head on Ev’s shoulder, I let out a contented sigh. Today was a big day. I thought I’d be really excited and bouncing out of my skin. Hell, I had been up until today. But now, with my dad in front of me and Ev on my lap, I felt at ease. They were just what I needed.

Something vibrated against my side. “Uh, Ev, what’s in your pocket?” Knowing him, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a mini vibrator in there that Vander could control from his phone.

He wiggled on me then winked. “Wouldn’t you like to know.” Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out his phone and sent off a text.

The door opened a minute later, and Vander came in. He didn’t mind that his partner was on my lap. That wasn’t Vander. Besides, he knew how Ev was, how he didn’t hold back affection with his friends.

“Hey, sexy,” he said and dropped a kiss on Ev’s lips. “I was wondering where you got off to.”

“You were with Callen and Marcus, so I figured I’d pop in here and see how our other groom was doing.”

“And how are you, Spence? Ready to get married?”

I smiled up at him. “Yeah, I really am.” Fuck, I was happy. Deliriously, ridiculously, couldn’t wait for the vows, kind of elated.

“It’s gonna be a fantastic day. Glad we’re all here.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“What’s Kas doing?” Ev asked.

“He and Julia looked to be in a bit of an argument.” That sounded about right. I had no doubt Kas would do everything he could to make this day perfect for me, but I also wanted him to relax and enjoy it.

I started to move Ev off me so I could stand. “Move your ass. I need to see what’s going on.”

He pushed down on my shoulders. “No, you don’t. You stay here with your dad and Vander, and I’ll go see what’s up with Big Daddy.”

“Big Daddy?” my dad asked with a raised eyebrow.

“You don’t want to know,” I said at the same time as Ev asked, “Aren’t you on social media?”

“No, I avoid it like the plague,” Dad responded. “Any PR for the firm I leave up to the company we hired.”

That was all Ev needed to launch into the story of how the nickname Big Daddy Kas came to be. I sat and listened, laughing along because the story never got old. Thoughts of whatever was going on with Julia left my mind. Kas would take care of whatever it was.

I took the time to just be. To listen to my friends and dad laugh. To remind myself of how lucky I was. I had so much in my life to be thankful for. So much that some days I couldn’t believe I was with Callen and how greatly we loved each other. We had amazing friends, supportive families, there was nothing more I could ask for.

I was one lucky son of a bitch.