Embracing Jared by Anna Paige



To the caregiver in charge,

While I realize you are relatively new to this position, I feel two months is sufficient time to learn what is and is not expected of you concerning my father’s care. You were made well aware of the particular requirements regarding communication with me, as evidenced by the detailed non-disclosure agreement signed by you upon receiving the position.

Twice now you have failed to check in at the mandatory times.

I’d advise you not to let it happen a third time if you’d care to retain your position.

Given that my donations fund over seventy-five percent of the facility’s operating costs, I can assure you my warning is not to be taken lightly.

I expect stellar care for my father going forward, along with regular updates.

This is non-negotiable.


J. Shaw

* * *

Dear Mr. Shaw,

First, my name is not “caregiver,” it is Madison. Please at least offer me that bit of respect when dressing me down. I feel that two months is sufficient time to have learned my name. Madison. Cole. You may address me as Madison or Miss Cole, whichever you prefer.

Further, I have sent communications according to your requested schedule—when possible. Believe it or not, Mr. Shaw, things here can get rather hectic, and on the two occasions you mentioned, there were medical emergencies with other patients, and I had to divide my time and attention to cover for the staff members who accompanied those patients to the ER.

While I do apologize for having not met your expected deadlines, I’m frankly of the opinion that if you are that worried about the occasional late email, perhaps you should pick up the phone and call in for an update. While most people do not use them as such, those nifty handheld devices everyone is so proud of are actually telephones and therefore are capable of making phone calls. Imagine it…you push a series of buttons, lift the device to your ear, and hear an actual human voice on the other end.

Astonishing, isn’t it?

As for retaining my position, I have no doubt that you could have me fired with little more energy than one expends on a sneeze, but I don’t react well to threats. Do what you must. If it serves you better to deprive your father of someone he’s become accustomed to—and actually started to bond with—simply because of a missed email or two, by all means do so.

My multiple degrees and stellar work record will follow me to the next facility. The rantings of one ill-tempered celebrity will not diminish my value in any way. I will, of course, miss your father, but as you’ve so clearly asserted, you’re the boss—a busy, arrogant, unforgiving boss whom I have yet to see step foot in this facility.

There are numerous other things I’d like to point out about your level of hypocrisy, but I am due back to check on your father and read to him before bedtime. Besides, I’m sure you have to get back to focusing on being a rock god.

I’ll tell him you said, “Hello.”

In case you’re interested, I’ll be reading If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. He seems to respond the most to that one.

You would have known that already if you ever bothered to visit.

Good day,

Madison Cole, a.k.a. “Caregiver”