Mail Order Mother by Ginny Sterling


Bertha Foster didn’t have the luxury of mourning her husband. The farm was gone, their money gambled away, and now she was pregnant with a baby on the way. She needed the security that a marriage and home would bring her unborn child. Lying about her condition, she hoped that her new groom would have a kind enough heart to understand her desperate situation.

Isaac Lane was looking for someone to care for his son. Losing his wife was painful enough, and with winter coming, he couldn’t lose his young son. Life was hard, and he needed the help to watch with Julien so he could prepare for the heavy snows that were sure to come.

His new bride was an unexpected wonder, a welcomed partner, and a joyful curiosity. Her fierce imagination had his son, and Isaac, entranced by the fanciful tales she entertained them with each evening. How could someone so wonderful have such a big heart, yet expect so little in return?

Could they both find the support, security, and love that they desperately needed in each other’s hearts?

A sweet and clean romance Mail-Order Bride series that can be read together or individually with a Happily Ever After that is legendary…