Irresistibly Drawn to the Duchess by Henrietta Harding



The enthralling Claudia wants nothing more in life, but to explore. However, after walking away from a dreadful proposal, she’s been forced to stay home, all alone. Being completely isolated, she is craving a thrilling escape from reality... So, when the new tantalising cook arrives for the vacant post, Claudia will feel captivated by his seductive eyes and soon, desire will grow into the most scandalous affair.


They say the way to one’s heart is through the stomach...


Being a passionate chef, Armando knows it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to cook for a Duke, so he instantly accepts the invitation. Taking charge of a team of distrustful servants is not an issue for him, but maintaining a professional demeanour around his employer's seductive daughter will be the real challenge. Her tempting beauty draws him in, and Armando can feel that he is stepping towards a very dangerous territory…


Will a simple man like himself offer a Lady the most sizzling romance?


Even though he maddeningly worms his way into her heart, they soon find themselves threatened by Claudia's former lover, who has suddenly come back into her life. What is his motive for appearing out of the blue, and what will happen to Armando once rumours threaten his reputation and his position? In a twist of fate, will Claudia be the one to lose everything or will the sinful couple finally get their happily ever after?