Bound in Silver by Evelyn Shine


breaths from the hall—the erotic, rhythmic slap of skin on skin, low groans, and soft grunts. Evayne slipped into the room, careful to keep the mental walls up around her thoughts and emotions. Her mouth went a little dry at the view in the large trifold mirror. Durant lay on his back, the bed awash in a sea of crimson silk. Enzo hovered over him. Their muscular bodies strained together, twisting in passion’s embrace.

The brutal-looking bites on Enzo’s neck and broad, powerful shoulders made her pause. Blood smeared his dusky skin as he turned, head bobbing down, swallowing Durant’s shaft. The blond man’s head tipped back as he howled his pleasure, and his hand grasped Enzo’s hair, knuckles white. Enzo was covered in claw marks, his tight, toned ass striped red with welts.

She covered her mouth to smother a gasp. Is this what they do when I’m not present? Durant’s mouth was covered in blood, fangs out. He pulled the larger man off his cock and into a rough kiss. The slashes on Enzo’s back were already closing as she watched the feral display. Durant raked his nails into him again, making fresh furrows in healing flesh.

Enzo moaned in pleasure, gripping the crimson sheets. They twisted again, and Durant pushed the larger man onto his back. Enzo fell into the soft bedding, his burnished-gold eyes alight with carnal lust. Durant reached for a vial on the nightstand and poured the oil slowly over Enzo’s lower torso, stroking his sculpted hips then fisting the hard length of him. Enzo turned his head, groaning into the pillow.

“Let me feel you. Enough of this teasing,” Enzo ground out between clenched teeth.

With a wicked grin, Durant took a moment to kneel over their lover, his eyes raking appreciatively down Enzo’s body as he covered his own proud cock in oil, making it glisten. “So impatient.”

Then they were chest to chest as Durant ravished him with a brutal kiss. A long, shaky sigh danced around a feral groan as he sank into the depths of his lover. Enzo’s abdominals clenched in lines of sharp relief, and his powerful thighs spread wide, accepting him.

Evayne dropped to the floor, biting her lip as she watched the erotic display. Curiously, she opened their bond just the tiniest bit to feel what they felt. Dark passion was edged in a tinge of fury, repentance seasoned with raw lust. Evayne wrung her skirt in an effort to remain quiet. Part of her wanted to join them. The other part was frozen in shock at the power play.

The mirror trembled as Durant’s forceful thrusts shook the enormous bed. Enzo cried out, his back arching, hands gripping his lover’s hips. Their bodies collided, moving together with low moans of pleasure. Not for the first time, her men reminded Evayne of classical paintings depicting gods in their magnificence. Enzo shifted his hand to massage his thick, weeping cock. Durant denied him, pinning his wrists to his sides with a growl of warning.

He leaned in close, lips caressing Enzo’s ear. His harsh whisper carried, echoing in the dim light of the room. “You are mine. She is mine. Don’t you ever dare forget that in your sudden possessiveness. I won’t stand for it.” His pale, lithe body moved over Enzo’s like a large cat, all sinew and muscle with a powerful, predatory grace.

Evayne gasped, her skin flushing. She knew exactly what this was about. Enzo ground against Durant’s hard stomach, seeking any friction he could.

“I’m sorry,” Enzo whimpered. His eyes squeezed closed.

Evayne had never heard him make such a repentant noise. She opened the bond just a little more, focusing on Enzo. Her eyes slid closed, and a coil of molten heat spread through her loins. Durant held him enraptured—she felt the sting of the nail slashes, the heat of the welts on his ass, and Durant’s balls slapping wetly against his flesh. Enzo was so close to completion. Evayne moaned quietly at the intensity of the feeling and opened her eyes.

Amber eyes met her emerald ones in the mirror. Durant gave her a savage grin, sending a rush of his feelings through their blood bond, letting them overwhelm her. Evayne nearly swooned at the onslaught of sensation. With a roar of pleasure, Durant finished, spilling deep inside his lover. Enzo followed soon after, pearly-white come covering his lower stomach. The blond nuzzled under Enzo’s chin, lapping at wounds. Then he kissed the reddened blush of love bites on Enzo’s tanned skin. Enzo’s breathing slowed, and his muttered words were incoherent.

Ma chérie.” Durant held his hand out to her, still gazing at Evayne through the mirror. “Did you enjoy the show?”

Her face went as crimson as the unfamiliar bedsheets. The sensual quirk of his lips made the blush flood down her neck. “I…” Her body throbbed, wet and needy.

“Join us.” It wasn’t a request.

Evayne approached the bed. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from the spectacle. “I’m a bit overdressed for this.”

Durant’s low laugh nearly made her stumble. It was so sexual. Evayne clenched again then inhaled, trying to steady herself.

Enzo rolled his head to one side, pushing back his long brown hair to peer at her with heavy-lidded golden eyes. “Evie?” His voice was passion roughened and more resonant than usual. He licked his swollen lips. “Mmm, I didn’t feel you enter.” He extended an arm out to her as well. His wounds were already closing.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb the two of you.” Evayne sat on the edge of the bed.

Durant stretched out indolently on Enzo’s broad chest and pulled her to their side. “Hush. If I thought you’d enjoy such rough play, I’d have welcomed you, but this was just some time for us to work through a few things.” Durant kissed her, his canines pressing fiercely to her lips. She tasted the sweet, coppery tang of blood as his tongue danced teasingly over hers.

“And did you?” She raised an eyebrow as he drew back from her.

“Mmm?” Durant laid his head against their lover’s chest. Enzo’s hand went to Durant’s hair, and his fingers carded the silken blond strands.

“Yes. It seems I have been increasingly possessive. Durant felt the need to remind me to share.” Enzo’s voice had already regained its cheeky tone.

Enzo’s long arm cradled her against his side, his fingertips just brushing her stomach. Evayne had barely started to show. The pregnancy wasn’t even noticeable when she wore skirts or gowns.

Enzo had been very possessive as of late. While Evayne knew 1900 wasn’t the safest period for a woman, he’d been overly protective of her, rarely leaving her side. The only man he let near her was Durant, and even that contact had become restrictive over the last week. Enzo would place himself between them, caressing Durant in a distracting way to keep him from touching her. That morning he had growled at Durant, with a glint of bloodlust tinging his ancient golden eyes when Durant leaned in to kiss her. Obviously, that had been the tipping point for the master of the house.

“Are you okay, Enzo?” She traced the healed scratches with her fingers. The deep bite to his shoulder was still closing.

He chuckled softly. “More than okay. Sorry I got a little protective of you, Evie. A child is just so rare—I guess it brings out the Guardian in me.” A blush colored his cheeks. His fingers ran down Durant’s back, stroking his pale, unblemished flesh.

The blond let out a rumble of pleasure. “I enjoyed reminding you to share,” Durant teased then pressed a kiss to Enzo’s chest, his breath tickling the dusky skin and taut muscle.

“Mmm, and I didn’t mind being reminded.” Enzo nuzzled into Durant’s silky blond hair, inhaling deeply.

Evayne snuggled into Enzo’s side, warm in their embrace. She breathed in.

The scratchy cloth against her face reeked of sour ale and pulled Evayne from the memory. It was dark, and she was so cold. Evayne blinked, her long lashes brushing against the blindfold that obscured her vision. The edges of a wooden bench dug into her thigh, and a rocking sensation made her nausea rise. A boat? She clawed up through her fogged mind, hearing unfamiliar voices around her.

“She’s waking up. Stick her again.”

“We’ve held her under for a few days. We should bring her up to drink at least,” said a deep, commanding male voice. Evayne listened, trying to place it.

“Boss says he wants her kept down so she can’t use her abilities.”

“So be it.”

Evayne felt a pinch against her arm. “Wait… no.” She tugged her hands toward her face, but bindings chafed against her wrists. Rubbing her cheek helplessly against the bench, Evayne tried to shove the cloth off her eyes. Something cool seeped through her veins. “No…” Her mind was going fuzzy. She stretched her senses through the bond, but it felt blocked.

“Shhh. Go to sleep, little lamb. You’ll be safe. Your kind is far too valuable to harm.” The deep voice again. He laughed at her struggles. “My, my. She’s a fighter, isn’t she? I can see why he’s interested.”

She fought against the impending darkness and lost, falling slowly back into memories.

The horses galloped along the ridge, blowing puffs of steam into the crisp air. Enzo’s eyes reflected yellow in the pale dawn, keeping a sharp watch on their surroundings. Delicate purple flowers poked up through the patchy snow, heralding spring. He rose when she did that morning, insistent on joining her. Durant, as usual, was left to sleep in.

“You know, I really am fine on my own.” Evayne’s breath came out in wispy clouds as Enzo pulled even with her.

“Little girl, I’m hurt,” Enzo said, affecting a roguish smile. “Do you not desire my company?” He reached over and effortlessly lifted Evayne from her mount to cradle her against his chest.

She snuggled into the heat of his body. “You know I adore you. Just, sometimes I need some space to think.” Evayne tied her mare’s reins to his saddle then relaxed against him to watch the sunrise. Enzo moved his hand forward, resting it on her stomach. The curve was unnoticeable under her coat. He slid his hand under the dense woolen fabric to hold her.

“Do you regret staying here? I often wonder if you miss your twenty-first-century home.” Enzo held her close. It wasn’t the first time he’d voiced this concern.

“I love living here, and there isn’t a modern convenience I left behind that I’d trade it for. You worry too much. I’m secure in the decision I made.”

“You know why I’m like this. We’ve too many enemies—our child must be safe.” His breath tickled her ear with warm affection.

“We have many more friends and allies. We’re safe here in Paris.” Her lips found his, a silken paradise against her flesh. Evayne lingered in the kiss, enjoying his tender touch.

Enzo’s arms tightened protectively around her. “You can have time to yourself again once our babe is born. Until then, I—one of us is always with you.”

Evayne smirked. “I can’t believe you growled at Durant. Like I’m a choice bone.”

Enzo rolled his eyes. “Instinct is a harsh mistress, and Immortals are incredibly possessive. A relationship like ours is exceedingly rare. Typically, relationships remain casual, so there’s no jealousy, or they end eventually because there is. It takes a special kind of balance to make it all work.” His voice lowered. “I apologized for my slip. He was right to correct me.”

Evayne quirked an eyebrow at her lover. “You know, I never got the impression you would be—I mean that you would enjoy, well…”

His laughter was warm, like plush velvet against her cheek. “That a large, powerful man would submit? Ah, my sweet Evie, it’s not always about size.” He squeezed her. Evayne’s face heated in the wintery air. “It’s not about weaker and stronger. It’s about respect, love, and boundaries.”

“Would you want me to do that with you?” Evayne asked, shyness making her voice soft.

She felt him grin against her neck. “If you would like.”

“But you’re always so gentle with me.”

A purr rumbled deep in his chest, sending a delightful frisson through her. “Little girl, the way you look when I tease you is beyond delightful. I’m a man of varied tastes.”

The horses walked in silence with only the sound of the wet earth under heavy hooves. The sun lifted into the sky, coloring the landscape rosy gold.

“What are you thinking?” Evayne rested her hand over his as he turned his horse back toward the château grounds.

“That I wish it wasn’t so damned cold and muddy so I could ravish you right here,” he said.

Her laughter rang out over the valley. “It will be warm again soon enough. Let’s head back. We can wake Durant up extra nice.”

Lorenzo suddenly went tense, listening. “We have company—hold tight.”

He spurred the horse forward into a gallop, releasing her mare with a flick of his wrist. Three riders sprang from the nearby woods in a shimmer of red sparks. Enzo folded his body around Evayne protectively.

“Do you know who they are?” She glanced back in fear, pushing her aura out to calm any attacks and identify the species.

One Immortal. The others are Created. She read them easily and readied her abilities to compel the attackers. “Enzo, it’s Immortals. I can take them.”

The horse screamed in fury, churning up slushy snow and mud. Enzo’s nostrils flared. “Just stay down. They reek of blood magic.”

He grunted softly, and his arms relaxed around her. Evayne reached through the bond for Durant. “Enzo!”

“Evie, go. Get back to the châ—” He slipped from the galloping horse.

Frantically, she grabbed the reins as he tumbled away. “I won’t leave you!”

Evayne dismounted. The snow shone green with the glare from her eyes as she stood over her lover’s prone body. There are only three. I can handle this. Clenching her jaw, she pushed her aura out again and encountered something stiff, like a bubble around the three men. Looking down, Evayne saw a feathered dart in Enzo’s neck. She stared at it in confusion.

Evayne brought her gaze up to catch their eyes, readying the commands in her mind to disable the attackers.

“How fascinating.” A tall, dark-haired man stopped his horse a few feet from her. The dawn light glinted off his silver spectacles, obscuring his eyes. He raised a small gun toward her chest and shot her.

As Evayne fell toward the darkness, she could feel Durant reaching to her through their blood bond as if he could stop her descent. Her soul screamed all the way down.