Wicked Angel by Jenny Evans


I lost my human.


This isn’t good. The Council is going to be furious if something happens. I don’t even know how he slipped past me. Last I checked he was mingling with others at the party. His future showed him staying another hour before he was to head home. I would never have started daydreaming if I’d known the plans would change.

They rarely do once I check a vision.

As a guardian angel, my job is to ensure the safety and guidance of my assigned human. Dante Reed has been my assignment for the last three years. It’s been the hardest three years of my existence.

I’ve never wanted to be anything other than what I am. I’ve always enjoyed my work, taking joy in watching the humans interact with each other. It is really quite fascinating.

But watching Dante does other things to me. Things that shouldn’t be possible given angels don’t get human urges. It’s explicit in the bylaws. We don’t feel or act like the humans do.

Somehow though…Dante makes me feel.

At over six feet tall, he’s built like a brick wall, his form immovable. Long black hair flows down to past his shoulders, the strands forming the slightest hint of wave if you pay close enough attention. His body is covered in tattoos, symbols and images etched on his flesh like artwork. Bright green eyes and a chiseled jawline complete the package.

He be intimidating if I didn’t know that he’s one of the most protective humans I’ve ever seen in my long years in this role. Other humans see his large, tattooed frame and assume the worst. It has made for a somewhat lonely life for my charge.

Except for tonight.

The new guy at the factory Dante works for invited him to a party. When I checked his future the first time, he’d passed to enjoy a night at home. The next day though, he’d changed his mind and told the newcomer that he’d tag along.

That was the first time his future didn’t match the prediction I was shown.

Tonight, is the second.

Both times revolve around this party and the new guy who seems to have an interest in Dante.

Something feels off. Something big.

I have to find Dante fast.

Running swiftly over the rooftop, I jump over the edge, the wind whipping through my short golden hair. I plummet down the side of the massive structure, arms spread wide with my eyes closed as the wind whips around me. When the ground edges closer, I push forward, the large white feathered wings on my back spreading wide, lifting me back up from imminent doom.

My wings begin to move up and down, the force pushing me higher and higher until I’m back above the buildings in the city. Closing my eyes again, I let my connection to Dante lead me.

At first there’s just blackness surrounding me. But then I see a spark of light. When the image of the connection clears, I realize he is walking near the park by his home. Relief floods me at the thought of him heading home. It’s an odd feeling, one I barely recognize.

My body, so in tuned to the connection I have with my charge, begins to soar toward his location. As I’m watching, I can sense a shift in the air around where he is. There’s nothing near him from what I can see, but darkness lurks nearby.

While I work to reach him, I watch as two figures move from the shadows behind where Dante is walking. I’m too far away to intercede. Too far to cast a net of protection over him against whatever darkness is afoot. The wings at my back push harder, the need to get back to him even more serious now.

It’s my job to protect him.

He can’t get hurt.

I may not know traditional human emotions, but I know that I would feel a loss if Dante were injured. I wouldn’t be able to watch harm come to him without feeling something.

The shadows move forward at a quicker pace as Dante scrolls through his cell phone, his brow furrowed at the screen. His shoulders are hunched, his posture almost angry as he taps away at the small device. I wish humans had never invented those foolish things. They’ve disrupted more life plans, veering millions from their intended life course, since their introduction.

I’m less than two blocks away when the unthinkable happens. One of the men stalking Dante moves rapidly. A bit too rapidly. As in, not human rapidly. The speed at which he moves is of the supernatural kind.

Too quickly, he’s got Dante in a hold, one arm wrapped over his chest and tightening against his arms, the other holding his head and tilting it to the side. The pose is one I haven’t seen in almost a millennium.

Sure, we know that vampires are still in existence. The Council is aware of all supernatural beings that move about in this world. They’d be foolish to pretend we are the only species.

In the case of vampires, there is a tracker assigned to monitor their movements, ensuring there is no influx of biting or attacks against humans. I doubt they know about this particular pair of vampires though. They would have warned all angels in this area if there was a potential threat of this kind.

My wings glide through the air, the strip of park coming into view. From a distance, I watch in horror as the second man accelerates, his body racing forward, fangs bared, eyes glowing red. He dives into Dante’s neck as my charge lets out a piercing yell, the pain he feels so powerful it almost knocks me from the sky. The vampire holding him covers his mouth quickly, a wicked smile forming as if the sound of his cries brings him joy.

The two of them move quickly, switching places as Dante’s body begins to sag, the blood loss becoming too much for him to withstand. Anger wells inside of me overtaking the concern I felt before. My wings thrust forward, their feathers rippling through the wind as I dive to stop the attack. When I get close enough, the two vampires turn to look at me.

You see, that part about us knowing about them…well, it’s a two-way street. They know we exist. They also know that we are formidable when they threaten our charge. Shocked by my sudden appearance, the two of them release a staggering Dante, letting him fall over into the grass beside us. His body folds forward, but I can still feel his pulse, the staccato rhythm like a beacon of hope. These bloodsuckers didn’t take everything from him.

“What brings you here tonight, love?” The one that originally grabbed Dante looks at me with a smirk, his lips covered with the blood of the man I’m charged to - with the blood of the man I love. I shouldn’t be able to, but somehow, I do. I love Dante Reed with all that I am.

“You are breaking the treaty by being here. Leave. Now!” My words are clipped to show my irritation. Clenching my fists relieves some of the anger welling up inside of me, but it doesn’t dispel completely. It won’t until I know Dante is safe.

“Now, now, love. Don’t be that way. We were just wanting a little snack. We didn’t feel any protection around him and thought he was fair game. Had we known we would have ignored him completely. So, it’s not really out fault now is it?” His smirk turns cold, his red eyes glowing brighter at his teasing. His partner remains silent, his expression one of boredom, almost as if this happens often enough that it’s no surprise to be caught this way.

Not taking his bait, I push forward with my own question. “What are your names?”

“Well, aren’t you a polite one. My name is David, and this here is my friend Lex. We have been traveling around the world for centuries exploring the fun these humans keep coming up with. It’s really a shame you can’t feel all of the wonderful things they have to offer.”

He speaks as if I don’t know what he is talking of. Drugs. Sex. Love. Hate. All the things we don’t get to experience in this position is like a free for all for vampires explore. I’d never want to trade places with them though. They only know darkness. They only mean harm. It’s a sad existence to have when your enjoyment depends on the suffering of another.

“I’m well aware what you speak of David. I suggest you and your friend Lex move on to a different area. You are no longer welcome here.”

“You don’t really have a say in that, do you, love?” David, who was previously standing next to Leo moves with his increased speed to come over to me. He stands toe to toe with me, his body towering over my five-foot five frame as he looks down with a wickedness I’ve never seen before. Knowing he wants to further harm Dante is the only thing keeping me in this battle of wills.

Just thinking of my charge has the anger within me rising again. David’s eyes widen as my own begin to glow white, my wings stretching out beside me to their full width. Electricity sparks from my palms, the bolts crackling as I reach up and grab his head in both hands. His body begins to shake as I push my magical energy through him, the currents causing him pain stronger than anything he’s ever felt before. I’ve never harmed another this way, but I could not refrain this time.

“Look miss. We didn’t mean no trouble. David just don’t know when he oughta stop. Let him go and I’ll get him out of here.” Lex finally speaks, his eyes pleading with me to release his friend.

My white eyes turn to him, the glow brightening as my voice echoes around us. “You will leave and never return. If I find you have come back, I will not hesitate to end you both.”

Lex nods, agreeing quickly to my demand. I release the hold I have on David, watching as he stumbles back into the other man’s arms. Tossing one arm over his shoulder, Lex nods to me stiffly before using his speed to leave the scene.

With those two gone, I stop the flow of power to my body. Moving over to Dante, my hands reach out to touch him. Having just used my powers, I’m able to feel him for a few fleeting moments. The energy I have to use to power my magic gives me a human-like form. Using the little time I have left, I pull all the magic in my body forward to lift him from the ground.

Dante moans out as if in pain, but his eyes remain closed. I wrap his arm around my shoulder much in the same way Lex did David. Putting most of his weight on me, I walk him the rest of the way to his apartment. When we get inside, I set him on the bed as I examine his neck. The bite is there, but it’s no longer bleeding. Cleaning the spot, I stand there to watch him for any sign of change.

I’ve never heard of someone being bitten and surviving. Most vampires drain the human dry, leaving them behind without the possibility of enduring the attack. Their species no longer feeds direct from the body, so when a being gets ahold of human they tend to become possessed by their bloodlust. The only thing I know to do is to wait and watch him. For now, he’s still alive and breathing. I’ll have to wait to see what happens next.

Please, gods above, let him live. Don’t let my mistake be his end.