Lion’s Hero by Alexis Woods


Abba - Hebrew for Father or Dad

Adonai - Hebrew for Lord, now considered a non-gender usage for God

aliyah - the honor position of being called upon to recite the blessings before and after the Torah’s parsha or the reading of the Torah’s parsha itself.

Aluf - the general

Ari - “lion” in Hebrew. Ari’s Hebrew name is given as Etan Ari “Mighty lion”

bema - an elevated platform used as an orator’s podium in ancient Athens. In a temple, it refers to the raised area in a sanctuary.

Hanukiah - the Hanukkah menorah

kippah - small round disc of fabric used as a head covered for Jewish men and sometimes women

kfir - young lion

Leo - “lion” in Latin

mezuzah - a small case attached to the doorpost of a house that contains the words of the Shema (an important prayer where God asks the Jewish people to remember his commands in both their heads and hearts). By affixing the mezuzah and words to the door, Jews are fulfilling a commanded mitzvot (good deed).

parsha - “portion” - the section of the Torah which will be read each week

shamash - “helper candle” - the ninth candle for the Hanukkah menorah or Hanukiah. It is lit first before the prayers are said and then used to light the other candles.

Shabbat Shalom - a traditional greeting of welcoming the sabbath

Shalom - the Hebrew word shalom has three meanings: “Hello,” “Good-bye,” and “Peace”

tallit - prayer shawl worn by Jewish men and sometimes women

Ve’imeru - “let us say”

yad - literally means “hand” - it is the pointer used to mark your spot when reading the Torah which cannot be touched because the oils on one’s skin may damage the tanned animal skin the words are written on.

Yahweh - alternate for God